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How are the massage ladies? Can I see some pics before?

Our ladies have a good massage training in many types of massage, especially in the tantric massage. Most of them have a long experience. Our massage centre aims to offer you massages of a high quality together with the tantric knowledge that lies behind it,  and we do not emphasize so much on a model parade, even though, naturally our girls are lovely, beautiful and charming. We are sure you will be pleased to meet them.

How is the location? Is it clean enough ?

Our centre’s ambiance is a combination of old ancient touch of the Tantric tradition with a modern style. Everything is clean and safe.

Do I have to take a shower before and after the massage?

Before a massage session it is best to have a proper shower all over your body, so that the pores open up and thus, the oil will nourish your skin much better. We provide everything needed for that:

  • Shower gel
  • Towels
  • Shampoo

After the massage we recommend not to take a shower, in order to give time to the subtle energies and the experience itself to settle within your being, as it has been harmonized. For removing the excess oil still on your skin, you may rub your body with the towels provided. But, of course we will let you take a shower, if you need to, we would just recommend that in this case the shower is quick, again to have a chance and keep with you the effects of the fabulous session you’ve just had.

What kind of oil do you use?

Our massage center uses a special formula of odorless oil mixture made of cold pressed apricot oil and sweet almond oil. For those who don’t like oil though, we use powder. Our only request would be that you mention this special situation when you call to arrange your booking.

Where are your saloon located?

We are based in Swiss Cottage, which is on the jubilee line, so within very easy reach from any part of London. We work based on previously booked appointments only.

Satin Massage- The list of our tantra massage services & workshops

Satin Massage Centre provides incredible touches of  the best quality. You just need to choose the massage type according to your needs.

Before making an appointment please check our massage lenght and rates. We are waiting for you to fully enjoy your visit to us.

Opening times:
Monday to Saturday :11am to 9pm

Massage services

Massage typePriceLengthExtension
Tantric Massage for Women
Heaven's Touch£110 1h 30min£40 for 30'
Blissful Heaven£1302h£40 for 30'
Special Blissful Heaven£2103h£40 for 30'
Tantric Massage for Men
Magic Start£1101h£40 for 30'
Tantric Bliss£1301h 30min£40 for 30'
Endless Pleasure£1602h£40 for 30'
Luxurious King Size massage£2403h£40 for 30'
4 Hands Tantric Massage
Double Touch£2001h with 2 goddesses£80 for 30'
Double Touch of Heaven£2401h 30min with 2 goddesses£80 for 30'
Double Long Touch of Heaven£3002h with 2 goddesses£80 for 30'
Tantric Massage for Couples
Short Session£2201h30min£80 for 30'
Recommended Session£2802h£80 for 30'
Satin VIP Ceremony£6003h with 3 goddesses-
Tantra Individual Workshop£3003h/ session-

*We offer a £20 discount from the standard price of the massage sessions above 1h 30 min to all our visitors who are under the age of 30.
*Loyalty is rewarded! Our regular clients have some free girfts from us. Ask in the centre, please.
*We constantly have special specific offers throughout the year, so keep an eye on our posts from the blog and stay in touch. Enjoy to the fullest!