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We have to mention the erotic and especially the tantric massage tradition has its roots in ancient Orient. They believed that sexual energy is the energy of life. And so it is! At those times the art of tantric massage was, of course, reserved for the highest ranks of the aristocracy and nobility.

Is good to know that, especially tantric massage, involves a good knowledge of both classic Swedish massage and acupressure techniques and of extremely voluptuous body movements meant to arouse deeply and also refined your inner erotic energy. It can reset you to feel again the flavor of life and the joy of living.

Old times masters organized long sessions thorough training, both theoretical and practical. The focus was mostly on practical massages. In other words they were taught to touch, to feel, to arouse intense or delicate erotic sensations and feelings. They knew two millennia ago how to develop the energy of life through nerve and muscle stimulation, stimulation of body’s essential hormones for living a state of happiness and fulfillment.

Unlike those times when massage was made by and for both women and men, in the modern era, when we praise the sexual emancipation, erotic massage is especially sought by men. Women do not receive any massage at home or at the salon. And it’s a pity. Our recommendation for men: be a man and take and care of the sexuality of your partner! Best, invite her to come together to share a heavenly delight and awaken or reawaken the intimacy in your relationship.

We have endeavored to reawaken at our centre this ancient special art wich is the erotic massage tantric type, hoping to live with our beautiful masseuses magical and unforgettable moments. The reception, oriental atmosphere, magnetic smile and of course meeting them, will surely melt down your heart so your soul can open to experiences for your inner paradise.

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