Our vision

Satin Massage propose a new ecstatic way to feel the pleasure.

Our lives have been greatly enriched once we’ve engaged ourselves on a Tantric path, and because of this, we want to give back to others as much as we can. Therefore, we do our best to offer you these fabulous Tantric massages that are actually aimed to show you another side of sensuality, once that you most probably have not experienced yet.

Being so different, it is essential that you give up all expectations and simply surrender in the hand of our masseuses, be present and enjoy! In this way, you can get at least a glimpse of what such a massage can bring into your life! You may experience some very special states, like profound erotic awakening, pleasant shivering throughout the body and even blissful ecstasy. Many of our guests experience also deep states of peace, intense love and the connection with their true Self. We hope you will feel the same and more.

If all of us like so much to be pampered, tantalized, caressed and nourished with affection, why not make this a delight of the senses and a pure joy?

For many just a massage to us change their opinion of what pleasure and happiness is.