Code of conduct

We would require the guests of Satin Massage Centre to follow the simple rules of common sense and good behavior.

We will gladly answer any questions you might have about the massage before we actually start the session, so please feel free and ask for any clarifications you may need and don’t make any assumptions. Once everything is clear, and you have decided to experience our massage, we kindly ask that you totally relax and surrender into the experience!

Is good to know that a woman if is treated with a great respect, she will show you her femininity and will charm you with her grace. If you show to our masseuses a gentlemen behavior, we assure you they will be very sweet and will tend to give you the best they can do for an unforgettable massage.

To ensure that both parties involved in the massage session will enjoy the massage experience to the maximum, we ask you to read carefully the following:

  • Come on the scheduled time. If not, you may receive a shorter massage session if we have other booking.
  • Have a respectful behavior for the masseuse and consider her boundaries.
  • Wash before carefully the whole body! Even between toes, the genital and between the buttocks area.
  • Have enough money to pay the services (consider also that you might extend your massage session and that’s happening often…)
  • Be sure you are not under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
  • Be sure you are health and you have no contagious disease.
  • You need to be over age 21.
  • Remain passive. That will help you to relax deeply and to enjoy the massage.
Simply enjoy and allow us to guide you, so that you make the absolute most of your time in our centre.