Why tantric massage?

March 15
Why tantric massage?

A tantric approach

A touch contains healing power in itself. A touch is a natural part of our life and according to an ancient tantric teaching it creates space for our naturalness. In today's modern society every day there grows an amount of layers, which irrecoverably separate us from this natural essence. Stress from work, our emotional relationships and others. Tantric and therapeutic massage is one of the ways how to return back to our real needs, which we were born with.

During the tantric massage you are supposed to do NOTHING. Just relax and simply be...

During the history of mankind the sexual energy was due to its mighty power deliberately encased and deformed. It was considered to be unlawful, dirty and in better cases contemptible and insufficiently spiritual. Tantric massage offers a return to a touch, due to which disappear our limits and our prejudices based on our upbringing and society we live in.

The benefits of tantra massage

Gradually it helps to widen the possibility of sexual experience and the intensity of its perception. During tantric massage the sexual energy is consciously conveyed to the whole body. It does not stay imprisoned only in the small part in the area of our sexual organs, but it serves as a source for so called higher energetic circles in our bodies.

Work with this energy can be playful and joyful, as well as wild and unbound. The colour and taste of the experience changes according to immediate moods and needs. The body itself changes in a sort of a gate to something much deeper in us, and tantric massage is an honour to the exactly such a body, we were born in.

Tantra as an art

In Tantric massage every body is beautiful and exactly such as it should be. Tantric massage is one of the arts that relax the body as well as establish a deep, non-verbal communication with one another. It is a means to express love and compassion and as such, it is an essential part of the art of love. The aim of tantric massage is not to waste energy through ejaculation or orgasm, but rather to retain that energy and direct it throughout the body.

Charging the body repeatedly with this energy can then lead to a state of ecstasy, or it can be used for healing. The basis for tantric massage are the teachings of tantra. Massage is a dance of energy and love. From the point of view of tantra, massage means conscious touch, given by one person, received by another. Massage should be pleasant for both. The meditative tantra of massage speaks a wordless language, enables the experience of timelessness and celebrates tenderness and sensual being.

The touch goes beyond the body itself and addresses the soul and sexual spirituality. The human body includes the intimate parts. In other types of massage, the genitals remain untouched, whereas the taoist intimate massage also heals sexuality. Using special massage techniques, old blocks, stiffness and congestions can be resolved. Once again, energy can flow freely. Conscious touch and loving presence allows us to discover deeper dimensions of the energy nature of our bodies. We will sensitively awaken our sexuality in all its beauty, power and innocence.

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