7 Simple Tips to Stay Fit, Happy and Healthy

October 14
7 Simple Tips to Stay Fit, Happy and Healthy


A good balance for everything is the key. Not too much or too less sleep, eat, work, rest etc.
*Lovemaking doesn't aply...as much is as better :-)


1. Spend time with the loving ones.

The advanced studies say that the people who spend time with friends and family are very happy. They are more important then you think cause help your whole health. Friends and family remind you how much you are loved, that you are needed and that there is a place for you in their hearts. Also give support: Be careful and help them to pass through the difficult times. And they will be there for you when you will need them too. Is also important to find as a lover someone you really love and who really loves you. Mutual love is healing and will fulfill your heart. That is an important key.

2. Quit bad habits and addictions

Take a look at your current lifestyle and observe what is not good for you. This could be anything, from eating too much junk food or drinking too much caffeine, to smoking, drinking, drugs, or having unprotected sex. Start the process of breaking these habits one by one. This will be easy for some, while others may take months or maybe years to get rid of and eradicate completely from your life, but the sooner you start fighting, the better. Some addictions (like smoking, drugs or alcohol) are incredibly bad not only to your health, but also to your pocketbook. If you smoke and – or drink, start by cutting back on how many drinks you have, or cigarettes you smoke, in a day, and if necessary, seek medical advice and assistance to make further steps towards stopping completely. Remove soda. That is not only a diet-spoiler (hello, liquid calories!), it can also have an adverse effect on your health! Is better to never drink regular soda. The amount of calories and high fructose corn syrup in regular soda is insane. The best advice is to replace that daily soda fix with some green tea instead (wich haslots of benefits). Deposit the money you’ve saved into a separate bank account to track your progress and use as motivation to keep going.

3. Move your body

You should do at least 30 minutes exercise a day. This can be cycling, running, swimming to weightlifting etc. Is not necessary to be expensive, and you can get a great work out without joining any costly gyms. If if are not practicing a sport, even walking 40 min/day is very good for your body and heart. That will push the blood to circulate inside the body and that is healthy. Surround yourself with other people who are in the same shape as you are is great motivation and can make exercising fun. Sign up for a local exercise class like yoga or dancing. Better to make love! The scientists told 1 hour of making love= 4 hrs of sport. And is more pleasant...:-)

4. We are what we eat

Take a look at what you eat and strive for a better diet. The key is eating small meals throughout the day which are balanced and nutritiously rich. Reduce portion sizes, take out white bread and replace with whole grains. Better to reduce as possible the meat and if not replace it with light meat- like fish. Better to replace it with nuts: almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cajuu, hazelnuts are excellent sources of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and fiber and can be taken anywhere, you can look in the office, backpack and you can eat them after a long time because just as tasty and full of benefits will be. Get rid of junk and fast food and make sure that each meal containes vegetables (better if not or less cooked- like salads and not only) and a lot of fruits. The ayurveda says is better to eat first the fruits and after minimum 30 min to start with the meal. After eating, don't drink imediately water (stops the gastric acid and will not diggest it properly). Hot tea is good after, though.

5. Drink lots and lots of water.

Drinking water is good for the whole body ( remeber we are at least 70% water). Better if you have a good quality water (for example pure plate water from a mountain spring will be perfect). If not, try at least to purify it using some good filters. You can energies it with magnets or cristals. Some have a good habbit to drink every morning 1 l of water and will eat only after 1 hour. That cures.

6. Relax

After a long hardworking period, the best for you is just to relax. Even that means to have a long sleep, going to a natural place or making something you know relaxes you, if you want to be full of energy for further activities, better to slow down and take a break. Massage is the king of relaxing. Even if you will ask someone or you will make an appointment to a massage center, you definetely will congratulate yourself for this idea.

7. Smile and laugh as much as possible

A positive state, have a smile on your face, is usually more fit and healthy than the one’s who take everything really seriously. Laugh as much as you can ( that cures cancer, leukemia and other diseases!!!) If you are to serious, try to be near positive persons, better near the ones who are making good jokes. Or watch lots of good comedies. A person should live his life to the fullest, should not worry about little little things, should take less stress, should try to look at the positive aspect of every situation, etc, because if he follows all these small things, this will provide him an optimistic attitude towards life which in turn will make him feel happy. Also, when a person always have a smile on his or her face, that person will bring a smile on the face of the people around him or her.



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