April 11
The power of nude massage London edition

The power of nude massage London edition

What we want to attain with our nude massage London proposal is a natural and harmonious state towards our own body and sexuality. Nudity has its’ own intrinsic power which added to the already amazing effects of an exotic oriental massage, loads it with even more magic. Surprisingly enough, in the ancient times, nudity used to be a prerogative of the rich and powerful. Only rich women were allowed to show their breasts on display in public in order to grow the charms and fascination exerted by them on the male population. In the context of our nude massage - London edition, however, the effect is of a much more refined nature.


“Clothes make the man - naked people have little or no influence on society” Mark Twain once said

Today we dare to challenge this affirmation.

The over sexualization of everything, clothes, people, artists, videos etc has actually put more and more money on knowledgeably showing more skin. The traditional values have started to fade and the mainstream media has constantly increased the dose of nudity on the big screens.

This has not helped us with normalizing sexuality and sensuality in their harmonizing aspects. Neither did it help at our development as a superior species who is naturally endowed with refinement, virtuosity, self-control and high moral standards.

Instead it put pressure on everyone: on men to perform well as studs, on women to be home made porn stars. Thus, when we get naked, in our sheets, instead of leisure, relaxation, intimacy and authenticity, we are facing struggles of not being enough for what we genuinely are. And, unfortunately this has come to defines us as people, far too much. Our society is growing more frustrated faster than it is becoming wiser.

So, today, yes we do define ourselves depending on whom we identify with when we are naked, our intimacy moments define our society.

Therefore we could even say that whatever improves the quality of our intimate life, is a benefactor of our whole society, it’s community service.


Nudity is the mark of Eden, but massage is its' preferred form of expression

In our London massage parlor what we want is to evoke the heavenly state of man before the original sin: the time when nudity was natural, shameless and pure.

All throughout our nude massage in London the tender and sweet masseuse will be a living example of the fact that showing our nude bodies shares with our audience all our qualities. By innocently being herself just the way she is and accepting you and your naked body just as they are, she will induce this feeling of safety and self-love.

In western society we have been taught that anything connected with our sexuality is a sin and like it or not, this has planted in our subconscious mind the attitude of punishment towards the lower parts of our bodies. This is why when mentally thinking of our body, we separate it in two parts: upper and lower. If there is a separation between the two, we do not feel as a perfect whole.

Oriental energetic practices - which we abundantly make use of during the nude massage sessions in London - have a completely different approach and the special strokes together with the activation of meridians aim, among other things, to reprogram the way we perceive ourselves.

Moreover, physical presence, actual touch instead of virtual communication and fantasizing, a truly amazing nude massage offered by an exotic and sensual masseuse is such a huge compensation for the lack of human interaction that’s so common these days.

Feeling the delicate nude body of another embracing you tenderly during a nude massage session at our Satin Massage Center in London, will unavoidably evoke the power of Eros. All that is erotic heightens our joy for life and adds spice to our daily existence.

Normalizing nude massage in London and practicing conscious touch helps us reconquest our frantic erotic selves and make contact with our inner beauty and power.

The condition of man in the Garden of Eden is actually one of true happiness and bliss, one imbued by the sense of unity between what is earthly and what is divine inside of us.

The sacred nudity is also a metaphor of openness and honesty - we have nothing to hide, but everything to share, savour and embrace.


The forbidden fruit is the sweetest, especially when we use it wisely

We all crave intimacy and so many times we try to get it in all the wrong ways. In London for sure there are plenty of options for that. However, what truly satiates our souls is a genuine connection. An improper attitude towards our bodies leads inevitably to frustration: both physical and emotional. Thus, the first step when you want an extraordinary nude massage londonese experience is to tune in to the adequate tantric approach and vision which will enrich you instead of bringing you down.

Each segment of our naked body beyond fulfilling a certain function has a specific beauty and charm. But it also adds up to a specific state. For instance, the chest is connected with feelings of affection and love. The abdomen is connected to passion, fire and inner drive. These connections were not made by chance. Touching the thighs of a beautiful woman gives you the possibility to feel that particular energy, which in her case is beautiful and harmonious. The way you react to that energy depends on the attitude you choose to have. You can either choose to savour it for what it is, or always hunt for more and run away from the mysterious present feeling towards a known outcome: ejaculation.

Choosing to enjoy each stroke of your sexy masseuse without giving in to the temptation of chasing orgasm, but daring to explore the delicious surprises that conscious touch will definitely bring, is the key to discover new nuanced pleasures we didn’t even know our bodies could deliver. 


Therefore, if you’re a guy who stands for culture and moral values, do society a favour and get naked with us for the perfect nude massage session. We’re waiting for you in the Swiss Cottage area. Give us a call! +44 7810 39 20 32

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