August 14
The art of tender touch

The art of tender touch


Especially for men that want to become irresistible lovers!

We designed the ultimate tantric massage for experiencing the game of polarity, the yin-yang delightful interaction between woman and man: The NEW MUTUAL MASSAGE session - The art of tender touch.

Whether you are looking to improve your skills of caressing a woman's body, to enhance your sensitivity and empathy, or simply feel to return the benefits you received when you were touched by your therapist, the mutual massage is your best option.

Touching the body of a woman and caressing her erogenous zones in a conscious, guided way, by soft and gentle touches can be an amazing experience.

This session allows you to touch your therapist during the second part of the session, after your received your sensual tantric massage, in full respect for the therapist private boundaries.

We recommend a session of at least 90 minutes so that you can extensively enjoy the benefits of the mutual touch.

The joy, delight, sensuality and tenderness are now multiplied as they are shared and your therapist is feeling the same through your touch.


90min         -   250£
2h                 -   290£
2h30min    -   340£
3h                 -   390£

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