Tantric massage for men

May 21
Tantric massage for men

Tantric Massage for Men

Oriental Tantric Massage for Men is a very sensual body to body massage in which our beautiful masseuse uses different parts of her body to touch you in a very intense and refined way. The Tantric tradition reveals to us how eroticism and sensuality can bring us complete delight when you discover how to relax into all the pleasant sensations of an erotic massage, allowing them to unfold as waves shivering your entire being while you remain present in the moment and experience. The main difference in the massages is the length of time, as the longer time you have, the deeper you can dive into the pleasure and soul awakening sensations you experience.

Endless Pleasure - 2h
This two hours massage spoils your senses allowing you to become aware of the refined virile man you are. The power of love profoundly put you in touch with your inner being as the soul opens gradually under the tender caress.
Double Touch of Heaven - starts from 1h
If you want a more intense experience you may also have a four hands tantric massage with two of our sensual masseuses.
Luxurious “King Size” Massage - 3h
You should indulge yourself during this three hours exquisite massage. You deserve a royal treatment once in a while, don't you? An unforgettable experience only the powerful men can indulge in. Why not you?
With all our sessions, the massages are absolutely amazing, as you will see for yourself on your first booking already.
*We offer a £20 discount from the standard price of the massage sessions above 1h 30 min to all our visitors who are under the age of 30. *Loyalty is rewarded! Our regular clients have some free girfts from us. Ask in the centre, please. *We constantly have special specific offers throughout the year, so keep an eye on our posts from the blog and stay in touch. Enjoy to the fullest!

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