About the Authentic Tantra Massage in London

July 24
About the Authentic Tantra Massage in London

What is an Authentic Tantra Massage?

There are a lot of tantric massages in London. But so few of them perform an authentic one.

At a first look for an amateur it might look the same service but for an experienced therapist is such a huge difference! An authentic tantra massage is a therapeutic massage itself and not just a body rub. Is about unlocking the erotic energies, about learning to master them and about solving different issues one can have in the erotic life. Is about intimacy and affection and the spiritual communion between 2 souls.

Our tantra massage is a mixture between the Taoist and the old Tantric philosophy. This means we are doing more than a body to body sensual massage. We are working on the secret points of the meridians, the points of the body where the internal organs are harmonised and activated, the secret points of “marmas” from the ayurvedic tradition.
The aim of a good successful authentic tantra massage is the uplifting of the erotic energy from chakra to chakra from the base (first chakra) along the spine till the head (7th chakra). All erotic energies are alchemised in love, intuition, mental clarity and bliss.

A tantra massage uses natural massage oils and skin on skin contact and gives an experience which releases the energy. Here you will learn more about tantra massages, such as what experiencing one is like, the benefits of receiving a tantra massage, and various other pieces of information. If you finish reading this and you want to try it yourself, then you can get a tantra massage in London through using our website.

What is it like experiencing a tantra massage?

When receiving a tantra massage you will likely not be wearing any clothes.  The oil will be used all over your body during the massage to make it a more comfortable experience for you and to increase the benefits your receive from the tantra massage. You may take a shower before. You have everything at your disposal.
During the tantra massage, the therapist knows well what to do. You need just to relax and if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to tell them, as we are there to help you and make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

What are the benefits of receiving a tantra massage?

The tantra massage can have many benefits, here you will learn about some of them:
•    Pain relief – The tantra massage will help relieve you of the pain you are feeling. Your aches and pains, even emotional ones, will be reduced.
•    Discover your orgasmic potential – A tantra massage can help you extend the period of bliss you feel during a sensual experience. It is about learning to be more sensitive, to have a  better control durring the sensual moments. After a few sessions you may become an extraordinary lover. You can join us at our monthly tantra teachings or ask for an individual teaching. You will find out why knowing tantra secrets gives you power and how to use them on your daily life.
•    Awakening your spirit – A tantra massage can help you look deeper inside you and discover your true self, as long as the proper tantric principles are applied.
•    Healing – Receiving a proper tantra massage can help your body learn how to use your sexual energy for healing. Not only the body but also traumas, negative persistent emotions, to open wide your mind toward a new universe of refined pleasure.
•    Treats common sexual dysfunctions – The sensual nature of the tantra massage will stimulate you and help you overcome your sexual dysfunctions.
•    Increase intimacy – The tantra massage will teach you to relax and be receptive at one’s inner univers.  It helps increase the good hormone levels in your body and it creates a state of healthy intimacy wich you can extend it in your love life.

Why receive a tantra massage?

One of the main reasons to receive a tantra massage is to release your blockages from the body, emotions and mind and feel fulfilled. You will be able to be mindful and experience yourself in the present moment.
When you are experiencing the massage, your dopamine levels will be increased, as well as other hormone levels such as serotonin and you will feel joy and happiness. All negative emotions will be gone, leaving you in a state of bliss.

Some of you will have a state of pure happiness, some will fly out in the blue, at some the kundalini serpent will awake and you might get a strong spiritual experience. Each session experience has its own gifts and even we are not knowing what magic will happen to you.

The tantra massage has thousands years roots and we want to revive it in a modern and blissful way. Its benefits have helped many people with the problems that have been experiencing. You should try also getting a tantra massage in London at our centre and find out for yourself what you will feel about.  

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