4 Mistakes Made when Visiting a Massage Centre

June 23
4 Mistakes Made when Visiting a Massage Centre

In the follwing, we will though, mention a few common mistakes that some might do when visiting a massage centre.

1. No money in the wallet. We had this surprise many times when a customer realized that he didn't have enough cash on him to pay our massage services. :-) We only take cash payments for our massage sessions, so please make sure that when you come to us, you have first stopped by the cash maschine, and in our experience we've also noticed you may want to have on you more than the standard price for the minimum session. Many men are surprised, on the phone, why our shortest session is of 90 minutes, when they are used to other experiences that would finish before the first 30 minutes, but once in our centre, they always enjoy it so much, that most of the times our guests ask for extending their session time, and if that will be your case, it would be good for you to be prepared with the cash, as well;)

2. Thinking that all massage parlors are places where prostitution is practiced. You need to know that we truly believe in what we do, and we offer you the massages and teachings we practice here with all our heart and soul, but we would never provide any kind of sexual services, therefore, you are kindly asked to respect and appreciate this, and not insist in this direction, as it would only lead to ending your visit and missing out what could have been an extraordinary life transforming experience!

3. Not respecting the limits required by our centre and by each masseuse. Being a gentleman will help you understand that NO means NO, even when said in a soft voice of a beautiful and lovely woman, so please do not embarrasse the masseuse. You will find that the more you are a gentleman and show common sense, the more the masseuse will feel great and will give you much more.

4. Being sick and having a disease that is contagious and still booking a session. It is common sense that when you get sick and it is infectious you should stay home, heal yourself first and only afterwards you may come to have a massage.

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