April 20
How to reach Satin Massage Centre

How to reach Satin Massage Centre

We know you are eager to get pampered with the most delightful genuine tantric massage at Satin Massage Centre, that's why we've decided to tell you which are some of the routes you could easily use to get on our massage mattress the quickest. Let's optimize our time consumption and get straight to nude sensual massage business! Quickly, hop in the tube and let yourself be wrapped in the magical atmosphere of Satin Centre.

1. From central London, Bond Street Tube station

  • Take Jubilee Line (to West Hampstead/Stanmore) platform 3; 7minutes (4 stops).
  • Get off at Finchley Road tube station.
  • Take the only exit,
  • cross Finchley Road and turn right Swiss Cottage direction.
  • Walk 50 meters (165 ft)
  • our location is on your left-hand side, opposite Waitrose.

2. From central London, Marble Arch

  • take bus line 113 (to Edgware) 18 minutes ride (14 stops).
  • Get off Finchley Road Station, right in from of Waitrose.
  • Cross Finchley Road, turn right Swiss Cottage direction
  • walk 165 ft
  • our location will be on your left-hand side.

3. From City of London, Liverpool Street

  • Take Metropolitan line (to Uxbridge), platform 2; 19 minutes (8 stops).
  • Get off Finchley Road,
  • Take the only exit,
  • Cross Finchley Road,
  • Turn right Swiss Cottage direction,
  • Walk 50 meters (165 ft),
  • our location is on your left-hand side, opposite Waitrose.

4. From Hampstead Heath London

  • Walk about 7 min, 0.3 mi to Hampstead Heath Overground (to Clapham Junction) Platform 1
  • Get off Finchley Road & Frognal
  • take the only exit, turn right
  • Walk  about 6 min, 0.3 mi (You will pass by O2 Centre Finchley Road, parking available here) when you reach Finchely Road Tube sation on your righ-hand side cross Finchley Road.
  • turn right, walk 165 ft
  • Our location is on your left-hand side, opposite Waitrose.

You already know that our nude massage is so much more than any other adult massage you can find in London, so there's no need for arguments on that matter, therefore we only launch a warm invite to join us at our place. Dare to swiftly insert 2 hours of pure pleasure into your daily schedule.

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