September 11
Body to Body Massage – An Erotic Feast for You

Body to Body Massage – An Erotic Feast for You

Considering the complexity and the multiple effects that it has on your body and soul, Body to Body Tantric Massage is one of a kind. It goes far beyond your skin and muscles – it opens your heart.

Body to Body Tantric Massage from Satin centre in London takes you to a journey within. It reveals a different and unexpected dimension of your of deep eroticism.

But why Body to Body Massage is so special and why it is popular among our guests from Satin centre in London?


  •     Skin to skin and soul to soul

Imagine how good is to feel on your naked body the softness of your masseuse. And as she is sliding super sensual on your body in so many ways, your entire being will open for a sublime and pure pleasure.

If you are looking to get the most out of this experience of Body to Body Tantric Massage the best way is to completely surrender to your tantrika. This can be one of the richest experience that you could get.

These being said, let’s start with the end:


  •     Body to Body Massage takes you to a higher dimension

If we have to describe a Body to Body Massage in just one sentence, it would be like this:

The awakened erotic energy and pleasure is guided through our sensual body to body caresses to a modified state of consciousness. If you really can surrender it might even take you to a state of pure bliss.

And it all starts with the opening of your heart. Because our expert touches whispers to your soul and unlocks your being.


  •    It is a heart opening experience

Your heart is the gate to your soul and to a new way of experiencing pleasure and eroticism.

Body to Body Tantra Massage is a practice that awakens and stimulates your erotic energy. But this is only the fuel that you need for your journey.

When your heart is open you will feel every touch with a bigger and more refined intensity. Allow yourself to travel within. You will see how amazing and rich your inner being is in reality.

Just trust your Tantric masseuse to lead the way.


  •   Feel a loving intimacy and connection

The body to body sensual gliding  and two energies complementing each other creates a powerful spark in a state of total openness.

A wonderful state of intimacy and connection is being built step by step, touch by touch. Your masseuse is skillfully sliding on top of your body guiding your erotic energy and your journey within.

It is the highest form of connection, pleasure and enchantment that you could experience.


  •     Taste the uniqueness of each of our tantrikas

Each of our masseuses has her own natural beauty and charm. They are all long and well trained in the art of Body to Body Massage and  they are also Tantric practitioners for many years.

And, as each of our guests is unique, they perform only tailored massage experiences . They all developed their own style of doing the massage, though they all follow a very well developed process.

Each Body to Body Massage is feeling different from one session to another and also form different massage therapists.


  •    The more receptive you are, the more you will receive

Being receptive could be challenging for a man. But, when you allow your masseuse to move freely, the amount of pleasure you could get intensifies. The more freely she feels, the more sensual she allows herself to be around you.

So take it as a challenge to just relax and receive pleasure instead of giving it, as men are used to.


  •     Special and sweet delight for special guest

Yes, Body to Body Massage is luxury, is that Special Treatment that feels like a reward. It is a way to feel pampered and caressed on multiple levels.

It is that something that you don’t get every day and not everyone is capable of offering it.

So, if you feel like it is time to reward yourself something special, book a Body to Body Massage session. We're only a few minutes away from central London if you take the tube from Bond Street Station.



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