September 14
5 moments in your life when you need a Yoni Massage

5 moments in your life when you need a Yoni Massage

Yoni massage or vulva massage is part of the Tantric massage session performed by our lovely masseuses in Satin Tantric Center from London.

There are some times in a woman’s life when she would benefit the most from a Yoni Massage.

If you find yourself in any of the situations below and you would like to pamper and take good care of yourself then a Yoni Massage is just the perfect recommendation for you.

So, here are the moments in your life when is the best to go for a Yoni Massage session in Satin Tantra Centre:


  1. When you are single or haven’t made love with your partner for long. Your vagina is a muscle. - A very, very special muscle… But “she” is more than that. She is the most feminine and receptive part of your body and she answers well to love, tenderness and attention. As any muscle, she needs to work-out. And, as any muscle, she could be tensed.

    Love making is great for your whole body and also for your pretty yoni. But if you are single or haven’t made love with your partner for more than a month, a yoni massage would be the best thing to offer to yourself in order to relieve tensions and to keep your yoni and your whole body in a good shape.

  2. When your partner doesn’t offer your sensitive yoni the attention that “she” needs. - We are talking about the most sensitive and receptive part of your body. If you feel that the attention that your partner offers to your yoni is not enough and you feel you need more touch, more care and more tenderness, just tell him that. Ask for what you want. It is not the time to be shy. If you do it in a warm and feminine manner, your man would be happy to give you what you had asked for. A good way is to receive a yoni massage either from him or from a trained professional.

  3. When you feel disconnected from your body. - When you spend most of your time doing intellectual activities and you have an office job there are chances that you spend most of your time at the mental level. If this happens it would be a good thing to find some practices to reconnect to your body. You could do yoga, body work, a full body Tantric massage or a yoni massage (that also includes a full body to body Tantric massage). Just find what works best for you.

  4. When you would like to experience other forms of orgasms that your yoni has to offer. - Many women are used to experience the same form of orgasm or they experience nothing at all. Science says that clitoral orgasm is the most common form of orgasm. But that is just a small part of what your dear yoni could offer in terms of pleasure. Awakening the many reflex points inside your vagina through a yoni massage will make you more sensitive to touch and increases your capacity for different types of orgasm: G-spot orgasm, vaginal orgasm, cervical orgasm to name a few…

  5. When you would like to be a happy and radiant woman. - All men love a woman that is happy and radiant. But how could you keep yourself in a good mood all the time? Well, a good answer is to pamper yourself, to take care of yourself at the deepest level. A yoni massage at our Tantric massage centre is proven to increase a woman’s confidence as well as the connection with herself and with her body. And when you feel good and present in your body you radiate a good vibe that men could feel and are attracted to.


And… there is also a 6th moment when is the best to book a yoni massage session in Satin Tantra Centre  from London. That is - whenever you feel like. So, our advice for you is – if you feel like, then give it a try and see for yourself.



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