London Tantric Massage Benefits

Discover the benefits of the Tantric Massage for Men

Premature ejaculation
A erotic massage session with a beautiful and trained masseusse will make you feel more confident as a lover and as a man. The specific tehniques will give you great benefits on premature ejaculation control.

Sexual anxiety
The control of focus is key to any intense experience. Instead of letting the mind wander untamed a guided focus on the physical sensations, especially on the sense of touch, helps open up and eliminate anxiety in sexual experience.

Improve sexual performance
The massage session brings a new approach to the entire concept of sexuality and eroticism. Afterwards you can practice this appraoch in your sex life with your partner thus greatly improving your intimate life.

Improve your performance in everyday life
The degree of our fulfillment in intimate relationships greatly influences our performance in the rest of our day to day activities. Erotic massage expands our sexual energy bringing creativity, focus and pleasure in each of our actions.

Erectile dysfunction
Sexual energy is very much unexplored in the majority of the modern sexual approaches. You will be surprised to notice that after just a few sessions major erectile problems are solved due to the increase of sexual energy and the experience of states of inner freedom regarding sexuality.

Low sex drive
Thanks to deep experiences that occur during genuine erotic massage a low sex drive is overcome. Intense erotic states easily eliminate the mental blockages that lead to sexual disinterest or a low sex drive.

Difficulty in reaching climax
Low sex drive and the incapacity to reach orgasm are common dysfunctions in modern day sexual experiences. Massage helps you to open up and expand sexual energy thus allowing a great amount of energy to flow through your being bringing you to incredible satisfying pleasure. This fulfillment is enriching not only for your own self but also for erotic experiences with your partner.

Unlocking the energies especially the sexual energy moves many feelings within us. Authentic erotic massage heals deep emotional wounds and gradually releases the heaviness of the heart. Inner pain generated in difficult periods of time due to betrayals, bereavement or periods of depression have an important emotional weight. Erotic massage is a balsam for the soul through the movement of deep energetic resources within us.

Stress and anxiety
Stress and anxiety are generating contractions in our inner being. Anxiety is the opposite to the expansion of the consciousness. Our trained masseuses will guide you to relax and to open up thus allowing the intense pleasure to heal inner tensions which cause stress and anxiety.

Increase self-esteem and self confidence
We all know that massage is a way to know your own body better. Tantra teaches us to have a greater awareness of all aspects of life, including physical aspects. More awareness of the physical as well as of the emotional body naturally brings more confidence in everyday life. When we do not acccept part of our being, we block energy from manifesting harmoniously within us. Due to the sensations felt in the genuine tantra massage the skin becomes a fine line between us and the energy that surrounds us. One reaches an expansion of the inner being that makes you feel at one with the entire universe. In such deep states of connection the meaning of our existence comes back to us, giving us strength and self-esteem, amplifying self-confidence.

Discover how the Erotic Massage Helps Women

Due to busy lifestyles and all the tasks a woman has to fulfill women often do not take time for themselves and mostly they do not take the time to enjoy a good massage. However this investment of time has amazing effects upon a woman’s inner and outer self as pleasure and touch are very important ingredients for a harmonious life.
Letting your entire body be gently and consciously touched by trained masseuses generates a shift in the inner state, a shift that otherwise is very difficult to achieve.

Stress and anxiety
Erotic massage can undo knots of tension in the physical body generated by anxiety and stress. Through this a mental relaxation is also achieved, increasing the ability to manifest the inner power of the woman in a creative and inspiring manner.

Increase self-esteem, confidence and accepting your body
Erotic massage creates a moment of maximum pampering where a woman’s entire body is touched, her skin gently caressed, her yoni adored. Such a treat touches a woman deeply thus she can freely and powerfully manifest her inner charm, reuniting with her body even when experiencing big changes like operations, pregnancy or the process of healing inner wounds. For women manifesting self-esteem and accepting their own bodies are two things that go hand in hand. Harmonizing the perception of ones own body amplifies self confidence and inner freedom.

Regain your femininity and feel sexy
The standards and stereotypes transmitted by the media make many women forget about the innate power of seduction they have. Erotic massage praises femininity and helps women regain their inner radiance, naturally reconnecting them with the feeling of sexiness and seduction. A woman is a woman beyond her role as a mother, wife, CEO or whatever role she might play in a certain period of her life. Rediscovering the feminine power within is key to a happy and fulfilled life as a woman.

Unlocking Chakras moves many feelings, heals and relieves the heaviness of heart that can be felt in difficult periods of time. Pain caused by betrayal, the loss of a loved one and periods of depression are relieved and the person is released from the burden of emotional weight. The body is recharged with positive energy and new strength to face the future.

Low sex drive
Thanks to our therapists lack of sexual desire is overcome Learn to be less obvious in your sexual approach and go beyond the stereotypes imposed by society.

Difficulty in reaching climax
A woman has powers that enable extraordinary states of orgasm. Unfortunately many women do not get the attention they need during lovemaking and thus they do not explore their inner capacities of reaching ecstasy in natural ways. Erotic massage unlocks this potential through the experienced approach of the trained masseuses; the woman is guided to open up more and more and to unleash the amazing orgasmic potential that is waiting to be awakened, like the famous sleeping beauty.

Overcome violence or sexual abuse
Many women have experienced violence or sexual abuse in their lives which causes them to close down and repress their femininity and radiance. Erotic massage shows a woman that she has the right to experience sexuality in a full and satisfactory way, thanks to a gradual reintroduction into the sexual field. The sweet, caring and pampering approach of the sexuality sphere creates a safe and encouraging environment which invites the woman be at her heights.

Discover how Erotic massages help couples

Improve the relationship and increase the complicity
Thanks to a series of techniques focused on care and slowness it teaches the couple how to act on sexual desire with complicity and spontaneity. Through breathing exercises and rediscovering the importance of smaller actions the couple discover the pleasure of feeling fine sensations.

Break the monotony
Many couples try to break the monotony in their sex life by introducing sexual transgressions and extreme experiences until, very often, they reach a point of no return, where everything has been experienced. Nothing wrong with this, even if in many cases when everything has been "tried" the result is a break out. Erotic Massage allows the couple to explore but additionally, if practiced according to the spiritual standards, the level of feelings and sensations are far more stimulating and exciting.

Solve couple conflicts
Since all relationships are based on an exchange of energy, when this energy does not flow properly conflicts can arise. Erotic massage contributes significantly to remove energy blocks that may hinder a couple’s harmony.

Strengthen or consolidate the relationship
Tantric meditation and experience generally helps the couple to get closer. Sharing new experiences together strengthens the relationship, you come to a full knowing of the other and can become one.

Stimulate the imagination in case of low sex drive
A busy life, hard work, stress, routine and habit all lead to a lack of sexual desire in a couple. In erotic massage and other fun massages, fantasy is stimulated, the couple gets out of a place of  habit and the libido wakes up.