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The Art of Tender Touch

Especially for men that want to become irresistible lovers

We designed the ultimate tantric massage for experiencing the game of polarity, the yin-yang delightful interaction between woman and man: The new MUTUAL MASSAGE session.

Whether you are looking to improve your skills of caressing a woman's body, to enhance your sensitivity and empathy, or simply feel to return the benefits you received when you were touched by your therapist, the mutual massage is your best option.

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Our Offer

Tantric massage for Women

Tantric massage for Women

Awakens and enhances innate sensual, emotional and spiritual energies and potential. A different approach with an amazing outcome.

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Tantric massage for Men

Tantric massage for Men

Shines a light into an unexplored area of a man’s life. It intensifies the conscious contact with his own masculinity. The force lies within.

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Tantric massage for Couples

Tantric massage for Couples

Breaks monotony, a great opportunity to give your couple relationship a new intensity.

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Massage lomi-lomi

4 Hands Tantric Massage

Two beautifull masseuses will embrace your body in a sensual wave at the same time.

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Massage deep-tissue

Nude Massage

A delicious body to body erotic massage, where you are touched by masseuse's breast, thighs and body.

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Oil Massage

VIP Massage

Three masseuses are adoring you with all the attention for a king, in a magic ritual.

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For longer sessions you have a bigger discount.

Tantric massage for woman
  • Time: 1h30min
  • Intimate Massage
  • Unveil your Femininity
  • Adjusted to your Needs
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Tantric massage for man
  • Time: 1h30min
  • Sensual Bliss
  • Exquisite Caresses
  • Body to Body Massage
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Nude massage
  • Time: 1h 30min
  • Ravishing Pleasure
  • Full Body Oil Massage
  • Skin to Skin Tenderness
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4 Hands tantric massage
  • Time: 1h30min
  • 2 Goddesses
  • Intense Feel
  • Double the Pleasure
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Tantric massage for couples
  • Time: 2h
  • Enjoy Together
  • Magic Moments
  • Increased Intimacy
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VIP massage
  • Time: 3h
  • 3 Goddesses
  • Special Ceremony
  • Surprises & Privileges
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What is a Traditional Tantric Massage?

tantric massage

It is inspired from the old and genuine Tantra tradition, from Budhism and Hinduism and it is about the awareness of the intense pleasure and the ecstatic intimacy. Body to body, skin to skin. Sensuality and eroticism are brought together in the most refined approach.

Tantric massage – not exotic sexuality but an amazing approach to your core. That is because we know the Tantra secrets and we will share them with you. Moreover, you can join us to our monthly Tantra teachings and you can ask questions about it. Every Tantric experience allows us to grow, open up, learn and become more complete.

It helps you transcend your inhibitions, tensions, stress and find Bliss.

"Don't condemn sensuality. It has been condemned by the whole world, and because of their condemnation the energy that can flower in sensuality moves into perversions, jealousy, anger, hatred — a kind of life which is dry, with no juice.
Sensuousness is your very life. The more sensuous you are, you more alive you are. And if your whole energy is released in loving, in being playfully sensuous without holding yourself back, without any fear — there is nothing to be afraid of. Sensuousness is one of the greatest blessings to humanity; it is your sensitivity, it is your consciousness."OSHO

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Why to choose us?

We do one of the best traditional Tantric massage in London

We perform a professional Tantric massage which is a very different experience from a common one. It is not only a sensual and erotic experience. We are also working on the meridians and the secret points for deblocking, awakening and uplifting of the erotic energy throughout the 7 chakras of your body. It is a science and an art at the same time.

Our masseuses are professional tantrikas

Our Tantric masseuses from Satin centre in London have studied Tantra in an extensive way for a few years and the art of the Tantric massage for few months with an international Tantra trainer.

So, if you want a special and professional Tantric massage in London, then Satin Centre is the right place for you. This erotic massage is one that changes your day, maybe your week, or maybe even your entire view on sexuality and intimacy. Such an experience is priceless.

Each of our tantric massages is a masterpiece and is fully customised to your individual needs.

Just surrender in the pampering hands of your masseuse from the Satin Tantric massage center and she will take you in a magic world. Sometimes it is so new and amazing that you need some time to fully understand it. The experience will be far beyond what you know or imagine about the erotic Tantric massage.

More than a body to body tantric massage but a soul to soul fusion

Modern times lack intimacy. Even if we are in a couple or unmarried, we often have the feeling that we are alone because we don't have enough intimacy. Our tantrikas uplift the sensual caresses to the a union of souls, full of heavenly nuances.

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