Here are some testimonials from our guests. Feel free to add yours as well.

“I attended Satin Massage Studio in London for a massage with Lala. From the initial phone call I felt welcomed and I was given good directions to get there. I arrived and was received by a lovely lady who showed me to the room, I was given a drink and also sweets for after the massage. The room was beautiful. I also had a shower, fresh towels provided and everything spottlesly clean. The ambiance was relaxing, candles for lighting and relaxing music.
Lala come to me when I was ready and gave me the most fabulous, intuitive massage. I was extremely stressed and tensed, which she picked up on. She found all the areas in my body where was aching and had problems and worked expertise to make me feel calm and relax. She reassured me that if anything was wrong, or if I wasn’t happy with something I should let her know. I only needed to say to her “It’s great don’t stop”. I would definitely  recommend Lala as she is professional, caring, fantastic at massage and makes you feel special.”

Maria, Sept 2013

 “I find this experience very inviting, friendly, heartwarming and sensual. I have had other types of massage and find this type of massage to help me be more in peace with myself and more in touch with ecstatic feelings.”

Male guest, Oct 2013

“I have been a regular visitor for more then a year and still every time I feel a different experience . It is a beautiful place and excellent therapists, I would recommend this place to everyoane who wants to relax and enjoy the magic of tantra massage.”

S.M, Oct 2013

“My massage enables me to cope with the world outside. My visit allows me to come to terms with myself, to communicate with myself. My massage is as such to allow me to get in touch with my inner self and the masseuse is the connecting agent.
I shall continue to visit as long as I can relax to face the outside world.”
Len Edwards, Oct 2013

“I was in the light of wisdom, into the world of being! All my senses were awaken to the point of total recognisation. Few times I felt as I was enlightened. You and I become one body and one spirit. It felt not turned on as a sexual feeling but well beyond that. It was just like a heavenly feeling. The touches were silky and full of energy. In the meantime I fell as if I was deep into the ocean of love, so light that I could fly all over universe. I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful gift. I should be able to feel this beautiful trance status for quite sometime. Many many thanks, Ananda!”

Mossi, Oct 2013

“Yet another delightful massage from the wonderful girls at this haven of peace and tranquility. I cannot recommend highly enough!”
R, Nov 2013
“This has been a great exotic and relaxing experience, applying just the right level of pressure on right points, especially with Lala and Joy.”
A, Nov 2013
“This was the best experience so far in the last many years. I felt more relaxed and energetic for rest of the day. Keep it up”
 Charles, Nov 2013




  1. I have visited Satin five times now and am looking forward to the next. It’s a lovely clean environment, with charming hosts and very skilled beautiful masseuses. I have enjoyed sessions with two of the Satin team now and haven’t been disappointed! Far from it. I was a little nervous the first time as I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but soon relaxed and started to enjoy the experience. I’ve had many massages before, but this was by far the best. I recommend you give it a try and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

    Looking at what others charge for Tantric massage in London Satin’s charges are very reasonable for what is an incredible experience.

  2. Mike on July 26, 2017 at 9:27 pm said:

    I made my second visit to Satin today and Angelica gave another amazing massage and took me on a journey of discovery visiting new places and experiences. It was a wonderful and blissful two hours in a relaxed and safe atmosphere. If I had a bucket list it would have been on it and if I were to start one today it would be a monthly visit 🙂 Thanks Angelica for looking after me and taking me on the journey with you. I am already dreaming of my next journey with you.

  3. Mike on June 29, 2017 at 5:54 pm said:

    I certainly agree 100% with the comments of others. But sorry that they are all from some years ago. I made my first visit to Satins today and I very much hope it will not be my last. Angelina provided a fantastic massage which was an adventure and experience I hadn’t had before. My only regret is that I didn’t discover the inner energy and excitement of tantric massage when I was a good few years younger. However she didn’t seem at all bothered working with an older guy, so don’t let age deter you. Highly recommended. Many thanks Angelina

  4. I have just returned home after a most fantastic massage by a delightful young lady. Everything at Satins is both professional and invigorating. From the first phone call to directions to the parlour and the welcome I knew that I would have a massage from someone who really cared. The lady made sure that I was relaxed and for two hours my cares floated away as she gave me the best massage I have ever had.

    I will most certainly return again and again. 150% for everything. Even to the chocolates at the end! Thank you and I would recommend Satins to all who are looking for a truly wonderful experience.

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