Tantric Massage for Couples

Take a crazy, daring leap! Offer yourself and your lover an unforgettable gift!

Tantric Massage for Couples is an experience that amplifies polarity between the two lovers as the massage respectively increases femininity in the woman and masculinity in the man.

Thus, by having a very sensual massage simultaneously, the attraction will be highly intensified and the couple will get back to the electrifying magnetism from the beginning of your relationship!

And for the more daring couples, we can also offer further sessions where you may be guided into discovering the magic of enjoying each other fully, consciously and in such a way that your intimacy and polarity will be so much amplified, that your relationship seems new and ever fresh for years, even as it deepens, without ever letting that beginning spark fade away!

Tantric Massage for Couples
Short Session £220 £30 1h30min
Recomended Session £270 £30 2h