Tantric Massage for Women

This tantric massage is specially made for women. Experience wonderful moments to ease away stress, and smoothly heal traumas and emotional blockages.

Tenderness, delicacy and gentle caresses are the words that best describe this tantric massage for women.

Forget all your worries and let yourself spoiled by sweet loving caresses all over your body. Enjoy the refined scent of old oriental pleasures. Awake your sensuality within and let your femininity fully express.

Women are invited to explore their femininity in this very special tantric massage for women which is full of sensuality, tenderness and intensity of feelings. Yoni massage is also offered at your request.

Prices: Tantric Massage for Women
Heaven’s Touch £110 £30 1h 30min
Blissful Heaven £130 £30 2h
Special Blissful Heaven £220 £30 3h